I am glad to talk about Atomistic Aspects of the Plasticity in Complex Intermetallics of our work during a TimeMan Seminar, on Mars 24, 2022, at 14:00 (GMT+2). The TimeMan Seminar is a virtual seminar series intended to provide a venue for continued sharing of academic ideas and results of relevance for our community in a time when travel to conferences and seminars has been significantly impacted. This is part of the ERC Advanced Grant TimeMan.

Guenole et al. Scripta Materialia 2022Our new letter Features of a nano-twist phase in the nanolayered Ti3AlC2 MAX phase is now published in Scripta Materialia. I am glad to share this work accomplished with my colleagues from the LEM3, Dr. Guitton and Dr. Taupin, as well as with our collaborators Dr. Vallet and Dr. Yu. Our investigations revealed the nano-scale features of a nano-scaled twisted phase in the complex intermetallic Ti3AlC2 phase (so-called MAX phase). Additionnaly, we explored the continuum representation of such complex rotational defect.

The preprint of the manuscript is avaible on the open-access public archive HAL [hal-03207521].

I am glad to welcome Houssam KHAROUJI in my group as PhD student. He will work on the atomic-scale discrete characterization of plasticity at interfaces in lightweight complex alloys and transfer to continuum models under the supervision of Vincent TAUPIN and myself. We are very gratefull to the support of the LabEx DAMAS and the Région Grand-Est.

CoNRSI am honored to have been elected as a member of the section 9 of the French Comity for Scientific Research (Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique, CoNRS) for the periode 2021-2024. With my colleagues of the section (Scientific domains of the section 9: Solid mechanics. Materials and structurals. Biomechanics. Acoustics.), we will contribute to the scientific organisation and evaluation of the scientists and laboratories of the CNRS.

Xie21JMR LavesPhaseCrystalAnalysisLaCA GuenoleThe identification of defects in crystal structures is crucial for the analysis of atomistic simulations. In our new work, we propose a novel approach, combining modified CNA and centro-symetry parameter evaluation, able to identifiy Laves phases and related defects. This Invited Feature Paper Laves phase crystal analysis (LaCA): Atomistic identification of lattice defects in C14 and C15 topologically close-packed phases is now published in the Journal of Materials Research (open-access). I am proud to have contributed to this work from Dr. Zhuocheng (Ray) Xie in collaboration with RWTH Aachen and FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.