horizontal light BannerWith my colleagues Dr. Arun Prakash, I am please to be the guest editor of the special issue "Atomistic Simulations for Exploring the Mechanics of Crystalline Materials” of the journal Crystals from MDPI.

Lee02NCOur new article on In-situ observation of the initiation of plasticity by nucleation of prismatic dislocation loops (open access) is now published in Nature Communications [Lee et al. Nat. Commun. 11, 2367 (2020)]. This work propose an in-depth description of the formation of prismatic dislocation loops in metallic nanowires, by the combination of in-situ electron microscopy and large scale atomistic simulation. My contribution to the numercial part of this work has been carried out at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg in the group of Prof. E. Bitzek.

Kloster Schoental 20080725 2From March 1st to March 6th, 2020, the 4th Schöntal Symposium will be held in the recluse monastry of Schöntal in Germany. I am glad to participate to this symposium focused on Dislocation-based Plasticity and related topics

On Feb. 17th, 2020, in Aachen, there has been the Kick-off meeting of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC1394) that aim at building fundations of defect phase diagrams. This project funded for 4 years by the DFG (German Research Agency) gathered the strengths of 19 principal investigaors (PIs) from the RWTH Aachen, the Max-Planck Institut for Iron Research (MPIe, Düsseldorf) and the FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg.