I'm attending the 15th JMC-Condensed Matter Days of the French Physical Society (JMC15), which will take place on the campus of Bordeaux University on the 22-26 August 2016. I will organize there a minicolloquium and present some of my work on irradiation damage.

In a session dedicated to the FP7 ISTRESS European Project, I will present my work at the SMT30 conference which will be held in Milano (It) from the 29th June to the 1st July.

On the 20th of June 2016, I will give the presentation "Irradiation damage induced eigenstrains in metals and ceramics: an atomistic simulations of focussed ion beam machining" at the conference COSIRES 2016 (Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects in Solids) at the Loughborough University (UK).

With my co-worker Frédéric Houllé, we will attend to Plasticité 2016 on the 11-13 April 2016. This conference will be held in Poitiers and will gather the french-speaking community on plasticity.

AbstractJMC15 M4The 15th Condensed Matter Days (JMC15) of the French Physical Society (SFP) will take place this year in Bordeaux, in August. I'm co-organizing the minicolloquium "Influence of micro-/nanostructures on plasticity: interplay between experiments and simulations". More details on this minicolloquium.