Our last work on precipitation strengthening in Mg alloy, in particular the interaction of basal Dislocations with Mg17Al12 precipitates, is now available on arXiv (arXiv:1902.09446): "Atomistic Simulations of Basal Dislocations Interacting with Mg17Al12Precipitates in Mg"

Graphical abstract

ncommsThe article "Ti and its alloys as examples of cryogenic focused ion beam milling of environmentally-sensitive materials" is now published by Nature Communications:



Our most recent work on plasticity in Laves phase, in particular the synchroshear in the basal planes of the C14 Mg2Ca intermetallics, is now available on arXiv (arXiv:1902.01646.) and still under peer review: "Basal Slip in Laves Phases: the Synchroshear Dislocation".

Basal Slip in Laves Phases: graphical abstract

ncommsI'm glad to annonce that our work in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research and the Imperial College has been accepted today in Nature Communications: "Cryogenic focused ion beam milling of environmentally-sensitive materials: example of Ti and its alloys". Within this large experimental/numerical collaborative effort, I designed, performed and analyzed all the numerical investigations.

On December, 5th 2018, I'm attending to the meeting of the working group Microstructure Mechanics in Computer Simulation (Mikrostrukturmechanik im
Fachausschuss Computersimulation) of the DGM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.). More details here.