Stg Korte KerzelHead of the Institute for Physical Metallurgy and Materials Physics (IMM), Prof. Sandra Korte-Kerzel has been awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research CouncilSandra Korte-Kerzel has been awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council. This prestigious funding of 1.5 million euros over 5 years will be dedicated to this study: "Fundamental Building Blocks - Understanding plasticity in complex crystals based on their simplest, intergrown units". As member of the IMM, it was a pleasure to work on some of the preliminary work of this research project.

On April 5th, 2019, I'll present my work at the Intergranular and Interphase Boundaries in Materials (IIB) conference held in Paris from the 1st to the 5th of July. In particular, I'm glad to show new numerical and experimental evidences of matrix slip across complex precipitate interfaces obtained at the IMM of the RWTH Aachen.

GUMPI'm glad to have been invited by the GUMP to talk about the consequences and the mitigation of FIB irradiation induce defects in materials, from an atomistic point of view, during its 62th meeting in Orsay, near Paris, on the 13th June 2019.

MaterialiaI'm pleased to announce that our work entiteld "Atomistic Simulations of Basal Dislocations Interacting with Mg17Al12 Precipitates in Mg" has been accepted in Materialia, and is available online [DOI], for free here (until july 2019) and on arXiv.

GraphicalAbstractFrom the 15th to the 17th April, 2019, I'll be at the colloquium Plasticité 2019 (Lille, France) to present my work on the synchroshear dislocation in Laves phases, exchange with the plasticity's French-speaking community.