Our new article Exploring the transfer of plasticity across Laves phase interfaces in a dual phase magnesium alloy is now published in Materials & Design (open access). It is the fruit of a collaboration with the IMM from the RWTH Aachen University within the framework of the german Collaborative Research Consortium (CRC) 1394 on Structural and Chemical Atomic Complexity.

This combined experimental & numerical work explores and evidences the transfer of plasticity from a Mg matrix toward a Laves phase strengthening network. It demonstrate that plastic co-deformation Laves phase is achievable and open the road for future detailed investigations on the plasticity mechanisms at such complex interfaces.

After the pandemic we all faced in 2020, all around the globe, I wish you a healthy, peaceful and scientifically fruitful new year 2021!

Yu20SM Frank dislocation MAX phase Vallet Guitton Guenole

Our new article on MAX phases, "Frank partial dislocation in Ti2AlC-MAX phase induced by matrix-Cu diffusion" is now available in Scripta Materialia (Free access until November 5th, 2020).

I am particularly glad of this outcome as it is a personnal milestone. First, it is the first work entirely performed at the LEM3 as tenured CNRS researcher (chargé de recherche CNRS). Second, it is fruitfull and promising collaborations with colleagues and freinds from my graduate school years: Wenbo, Maxime and Antoine.

horizontal light BannerWith my colleagues Dr. Arun Prakash, I am please to be the guest editor of the special issue "Atomistic Simulations for Exploring the Mechanics of Crystalline Materials” of the journal Crystals from MDPI.

Lee02NCOur new article on In-situ observation of the initiation of plasticity by nucleation of prismatic dislocation loops (open access) is now published in Nature Communications [Lee et al. Nat. Commun. 11, 2367 (2020)]. This work propose an in-depth description of the formation of prismatic dislocation loops in metallic nanowires, by the combination of in-situ electron microscopy and large scale atomistic simulation. My contribution to the numercial part of this work has been carried out at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg in the group of Prof. E. Bitzek.