Our article published in March 2015 in Acta Materialia on Atom probe informed simulations of dislocation–precipitate interactions reveal the importance of local interface curvature was just highlighted in the MRS Bulletin of August 2015.

The full article is available here with a short interview of the lead author Erik Bitzek.

"A recent study of nickel-aluminum superalloys has given researchers their first glimpse of the atomic-scale details responsible for the phenomenal properties of superalloys. By performing molecular dynamics simulations based on realistic, experimentally informed structures, the researchers were able to observe the interactions of defects and precipitate phases in nickel-aluminum superalloys under stress. The results will help inform efforts to make increasingly high-temperature superalloys with less dependence on strategic elements like rhenium. [...]"

DOI: 10.1557/mrs.2015.181